WB Marketing was established in 1960 by the late Leonard R. Waters as Waters Advertising Agency. Since then, we have promoted tourism, elected congress members, and opened department stores, theaters, and shopping centers. We have organized associations, calmed labor unions, sold cars, promoted municipalities, presented art shows, taught seminars, prompted the press, and branded health care businesses. We’ve put words in people’s mouths, hats on their heads, hands over their hearts, and money in their pockets.

In 1986, Waters Advertising built their modern facility in City Center at Oyster Point in Newport News. Another significant milestone was reached in 2012 when agency President Howard Waters and longtime VP Sandy Bridgman became business partners, and Waters & Bridgman Marketing Solutions seamlessly began. Most recently, WB Marketing opened up a second office in Downtown Norfolk and continues to service clients all across the region.

Although the name has changed, the philosophy of creating client success has not. Today, WB Marketing is proud to still be representing some of the most prestigious businesses in Greater Hampton Roads. Our goal is to grow but never beyond the point where our principals do not have an integral, day-to-day role in the success of our clients. That’s how the agency has thrived for over 61 years. That commitment is what has allowed us to maintain our longevity and financial stability in an industry that is unfortunately often not known for either.