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EJ Toudt

Creative Director

EJ is an innovative graphic designer with more than 22 years of experience in advertising, marketing and editorial design.

Before joining the WB Marketing team, he was the creative director of special sections at Virginia Media. There he led a team of designers, photographers, videographers and illustrators and produced award-winning, high-end visuals and branding for many products and publications. Distinction magazine, the media company’s bi-monthly lifestyle publication highlighting the Tidewater region and Virginia, received multiple state and national honors during his tenure as its creative director. 

EJ skillfully develops partnerships that deliver strategic as well as emotionally resonant creative and strives to exceed brand goals. He is well versed in both print and digital media and marketing.

Creative design is not his only passion, however. He is also a lifelong musician. His current project is an electronica group called Galaxy Dynamite that he joined in 2016 as lead singer, bass player, songwriter and arranger.

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