Marketing for the New Year

New Years Resolutions

Clearly, 2020 hasn’t been the best year for many people. If New Year’s wishes were a thing, the thing would be “2021, please be nice.” Well, we can’t control the pandemic, or the economy, or the forest fires in the west, or any of the other unprecedented things that happened this year. However, we can reflect and appreciate all we’ve been through and how this brought us together.

So now it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work, and try to make 2021 the best year ever. To help get you started, we’ve come up with several ideas to kick off your marketing campaigns for the new year.

Plan the Year You Want:
Planning is more challenging than people realize when you have to sit down with pen and paper and develop a coherent and cohesive plan, but at the end of the day (and year), it will be worth it. The time spent now planning for promotions, campaigns, and advertising will free you up throughout the year to focus on your business and make quick changes as needed. Think about all the companies that survived the turbulence and constant changes of 2020. Most of them had a plan – even a disaster relief plan – and were able to pivot and adjust as they lived through some crazy curveballs. Plan. Plan. Plan!

New Year. New You.
The New Year is often the time of resolutions, restarts, and refreshments (I’m not talking about the champagne here). Use the spirit (see what I did there) of the day to launch a new or refreshed campaign. Maybe you’ve made some updates or a complete rehaul. You may even have a brand new product. This is an excellent time to let your customers know, as everyone is thinking about how they can do 2021 differently.

Send a New Year Email:
Prioritize your customers over everything else and send them an email letting them know that you care. Your customers get so many New Year’s emails, so be creative, show some personality, and give them something they want – a discount, insights into a new product, or even a giveaway.

Be Social:
The same messaging you used for your email shouldn’t stop there. Utilize all of your social channels for the same messaging. Remember, change up your voice for the audience (social channel) you are using. Your audiences for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook could all be different, so make sure you customize your message, tone, and images for these channels.

Be Yourself:
Be honest with how 2020 has impacted you. Most likely, it has impacted so many other businesses just like it has yours. Using pictures with people at large parties doesn’t make sense as we live the new normal of social distancing and safety in fewer numbers. Make sure your images, messaging, and promotions reflect what you are going through. Also, don’t be afraid to use personality and humor. Not every business can easily align itself with the conversations people have about the new year, so consider using that contrast for timely humor.

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Give us a call if you need help in the new year to make 2021 the best it can be for your business.

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