Approach & Capacity.

WB Marketing’s approach to constructing and launching a plan for marketing, creative design, advertising, and public relations services for clients is simple: Listen, Craft, Review, Deploy, Track, Learn, Retool.
Our approach is based on:
  • A strategic, well-defined plan,
  • a comprehensive, holistic approach that serves your communication needs,
  • close collaboration, open communication, and ownership of everything we do on your behalf, and
  • flexibility and adaptability to evolve with you as your needs change.
The first step in listening is facilitating in-person discovery meetings where we meet your team and learn your current processes, roles and goals. We listen carefully and then we clarify by asking specific questions to ensure WB Marketing understands what marketing and advertising services are needed by our clients to meet each outlined goal in the timeline requested. Our discussions will include confirming the targeted audience for each goal and what deliverables are desired. Research and analysis is collected through live as well as digital means. Competitive analyses are beneficial to benchmark similar municipalities growth in various advertising and media campaigns.
WB Marketing meets internally to craft unique, creative strategies for results. Based on our seasoned team’s experiences, we frequently have developed, implemented and managed similar goal-oriented annual plans. We brainstorm all aspects of the annual strategies collaboratively. From graphics and digital strategies to earned media gained by telling the client's story through content on the client's website and media opportunities secured through pitching and press releases. Each piece of the client’s proposed plan is viewable to them in a shared, easy-to-read format.
Each team member has their tasks to contribute to completing the campaign deliverables. The WB Marketing team meticulously proofs each other’s work before sending for approval to the client. We check each other to confirm our methods are staying on brand. The message must be consistent and instill trust.
Our comprehensive 360 communications deployment includes rolling out tools specific to our client's needs. For some, this could include an updated, easy-to-navigate website that incorporates search engine optimization with informative and evolving content and ways to connect to the correct department. Targeted digital campaigns that drive results. Media placement that makes sense. Proven earned media through public relations using strategy, not just tactics.
Tracking measurable results is important not only to prove performance but also to gain knowledge for campaign improvements. Proven earned media results to measure success are a part of the tracking process. Prior to beginning a digital campaign, WB Marketing will perform a Google Analytics Goal and Event audit for the pertinent website, ensuring updated GA-4 data is in place. We also make recommendations on tracking for other forms of media. Our strategy is comprehensive.
WB Marketing learns by evaluating data month over month, quarterly and annually. This helps define and continue successful PR, marketing and advertising efforts. Specifically, digital metrics tell us what worked, what did not and how to pivot. Following online trends and best practices contributes to our understanding of the media landscape.
After discovering what is working and may not be working via digital metrics, online trends and plain old organic feedback, we retool the messaging via a team approach to best fit the overarching and changing needs of the campaign.

Capability and Skill.

As a full-service marketing, advertising and public relations agency, we have a wide set of capabilities.

The following is a summary of our services.

WB Marketing was established in 1960 by the late Leonard R. Waters as Waters Advertising Agency. Since then, we have promoted tourism, elected congress members, and opened department stores, theaters and shopping centers. We have organized associations, calmed labor unions, sold cars, promoted municipalities, presented art shows, taught seminars, prompted the press and branded health care businesses. We’ve put words in people’s mouths, hats on their heads, hands over their hearts and money in their pockets.

In 1986, Waters Advertising built their modern facility in City Center at Oyster Point in Newport News. Another significant milestone was reached in 2012 when agency President, Howard Waters, and longtime VP, Sandy Bridgman, became business partners, and Waters & Bridgman Marketing Solutions seamlessly began. By 2018, both partners were considering retirement, but had no succession plan. But long time residents, Jean & Mike Matacunas, recognized the growth potential for the community centric marketing agency. In January of 2020, the Matacunas’ had acquired the agency, made a slight name change to WB Marketing and opened a second office in Downtown Norfolk. Today, WB Marketing continues to service clients across the region, under the direction of owner and President, Jean Matacunas, in it’s sole location in Norfolk.

Although the name has changed, the philosophy of creating client success has not. WB Marketing is proud to still be representing some of the most prestigious municipalities and businesses in not only Greater Hampton Roads, but Virginia and beyond.

Our goal is to grow but never beyond the point where our principals do not have an integral, day-to-day role in the success of our clients. That’s how the agency has thrived for over 60 years. That commitment is what has allowed us to maintain our longevity and financial stability.

Having served more than 92 clients within the past year, and having operated for over 60 years, we have managed to endure financial hardships that have affected the community around us. Our approach to being fiscally conservative and maintaining deadline driven payment terms with our clients and vendors alike have allowed us to survive, thrive and grow despite past difficult financial periods, and even the most recent economic and workforce depressions due to the pandemic.

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