Hannah Halloran

Hannah is a recent graduate of Elon University, with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, living in the downtown Norfolk area. She has experience as a marketing intern with several companies helping with everything from digital media and research to developing company-wide marketing plans. Hannah has worked on an Entrepreneurial Research project involving the collection and analysis of data to identify trends from Facebook posts for 27 businesses across three cities in North Carolina. She has also helped create, launch and manage a nonprofit organization raising funds to support underprivileged winter sports athletes. Hannah is certified in the entire suite of Google products.

Hannah’s interests expand beyond the business world and into our universe with her love for astronomy & quantum physics. When it’s dark enough, you can find her on her fire escape watching the sky through the eyepiece of her telescope. She’s most fascinated by space-time & other astronomical phenomena such as Einstein Rings & spaghettification.

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